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Stone Farms and Sales is a one stop shop for all your new and used farm equipment, ranching and agricultural needs

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Inline Hay Trailers  • HayLiner - Hay Express - Hay Boss - Hay Toter 
Harrows  •   Hay Feeders  •   ATV/UTV and Truck feeders 
GWS Bulk Bins  •   Deweze bale beds and loaders  •   Bale Huggers
Ironstar Flatbeds  •   Elite Trailers  •   Circle M Bumpers
ProStar Box Trailers   •  Concrete feed bunks  •   Metal/Steel Feeders  •   Creep Feeders  •   Loafing Sheds 
Gates  •   Hitches
  •   Vitalix    Round and square Hay Bales  •   Angus and Simental Bulls   •   Baler Twine and Netwrap
Stock Trailers   •  New and Used Farm Equipment

hayliner inline hay trailer    redline harrows

gws bulk bins  truck feeders cattle feeders    Circle M Replacement bumpers

cattle panel trailer    creep feeder    

Pro Star Box Trailers cattle panel trailer and cattle panels  Deweze
Travalum Stock Trailers Kansas      Red Loafing Shed Livestock Shed by Stone Farms Equipment sales
Since we are farmers/ranchers ourselves, we know how important it is to get quality farm equipment at the best price possible.  We use all of this equipment on our own farm, so believe us - if we wouldn't use it, we won't sell it. 

Take your time and look around.  Be sure to check back often since we are adding new and used farm equipment and hay trailers to our inventory all the time.  And if we don't have what you are looking for  - just give us a call. because we can probably get it.  

Stone Farms is located in eastern Kansas and just a quick drive from  farms and ranches in Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska and Colorado. 

We also offer:

Round and Square Brome Hay - Angus and Simental Bulls