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Sheds, Gates and Hitches

    10' 16' or 24' Adjustable Squeeze Alleyway
Drop gates available on our alleyways and can be installed on either side to allow the sheeted height to be lowered for working smaller calves.
The alleyway exit gates can be on either side of the adjustable squeeze alleyways or on both sides. Two exit gates come standard on every adjustable squeeze alleyway but extras can be added.
The alleyway no-back(s) can be set to any width with the chain that is installed. No-backs that come with any adjustable squeeze alleyway 16' or longer.
Available in 10', 16', and 20'.

Portable 20' 24' Alleyway With or Without headgates Livestock Alleyway
Work cattle and calves safely and quickly with this portable alleyway. 
20' and 24' lengths available. With or without headgates.

World’s Quietest Cattle Chute

Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute

Weight: 1943.58 lbs

The Q-Catch 86 Series cattle squeeze chute gives every rancher the opportunity to purchase a world-renowned cattle chute! Featuring the most innovative design on the market, the Q-Catch 86 Series cattle chute will increase your productivity and keep vet bills to a minimum. The Q-Catch 86 Series chute is designed for easy access, ease of use, and offers ultimate safety to both rancher and cattle. This exclusive, high-quality squeeze chute is widely recognized as the best manual squeeze chute on the market today! By taking the manual work out of the manual squeeze chute, our Q-Catch 86 Series chute has revolutionized the way ranchers think about cattle handling, and is redefining the meaning of silence in cattle handling operations.