DewEze 600/700 Series Bale Bed Details

Gatorhyde Surface Protection

DewEze beds are built to last with a Gatorhyde coating on the deck. 

Gatorhyde is a corrosion resistant surface that is used to withstand treacherous weather.  

Dual Lift Cylinders

All 600/700 Series Bale Beds include dual lift cylinders with a lift capacity of 3,100 lbs. 

Both the cylinders and tailboard are removable for servicing. 

Wireless Remote

Each DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kit comes standard with a wireless remote, so regardless of the weather, you can get work done from the comfort and warmth of your truck. 

Hydraulic Design

DewEze designs and manufactures all of the clutch pump kits used to power their bale beds. 

DewEze continues to offer clutch pump kits dating back to 1973 model trucks. 

Rear Couplers

DewEze Bale Beds' hydraulic systems offer easy access to rear couplers for moving or operating hydraulic equipment. 

Receiver Hitch

All 600/700 Series Bale Beds come equipped with a standard receiver hitch and D-rings. 

These features assist with all hauling needs when using a bumper, pull trailer, and safety chains. 

Large Square Bales

No matter the shape or size of forage, DewEze Bale Beds can handle the load. Put DewEze to the test and haul large square hay bales. 

Adjustable Gooseneck

In addition to a receiver hitch, the 600/700 Series Bale Beds also include an enclosed gooseneck well, with an adjustable hitch placement. 

Dummy Arms

The 600/700 Series Bale Beds include redesigned solid dummy arms. 

The updated dummy arms are now equipped with tie down hooks to further assist with your hauling needs. 

LED Lights

The 600/700 Series Bale Beds include standard LED lights located within the headache rack, side clearance, and tail/ brake lights. 

Resale Value

Is your truck worn out? Are you ready to update to a newer bale bed model? 

DewEze Bale Beds have the industry leading resale value.