ATV, UTV, & Truck Bed Mounted Cube Feeders

Make feeding safer, easier and more accurate using ATV, UTV, and truck bed mounted cube feeders.  With so many brands to choose from were bound to have the perfect one for you. 

These cube feeders are gravity-fed feed boxes for ATVs, UTVs and trucks. The new portable feed box provides farmers a safe and convenient way to tackle daily livestock feeding chores.


DewEze Beef-Cake Cube Feeder

 Whether supplementing with cubes or grain, the BeefCake can be adjusted to feed in piles or a line. The chain-driven, twin six-inch auger system reduces bridging and waste. Sealed to keep out dirt and moisture, the weather-tight lid will provide years of trouble-free performance and longer product life. Additionally, the lift handle can be accessible from the ground. The flexible rubber chute eliminates wear and tear from everyday hurdles. 

Featuring electric or hydraulic models, the BeefCake is available in three sizes: 

BC1000 - 80"x26"x44"

BC1500 - 80"x36"x45"

BC2000 - 80"x42"x50" 


Hydrafeeder Cube Feeder

Feeding is one of the most important daily tasks on nearly every livestock operation. Equipment must perform at full capacity under adverse conditions. 

Features - 

Metering: Choice of in-cab programmable or revolution count only display 

Lid: Ground operated, full opening, stainless steel hinges (gas shock assisted on HF1800) 

Construction: 12 gauge steel Designed to accomodate an Across Bed Toolbox

Electric or Hydraulic models available in 1200 lb and 1800 lb capacity models.  

HF1200 - 40"x66"x20"

HF1800 - 40"x66"x31"


HMC Cube Feeder

The HMC Cube Feeder has a Chain Drive Auger for "No Slippage", Rain Shield over Feed  Spout, Fully Welded Seams, Switches both inside cab (deadman switch) or outside cab for feeding.  These units mount to the bed of most UTVs and Trucks.  

We have 460 lb and 750 lb models in stock.  

HMC 460 lb model mounts to UTV or Truck beds and the 750 lb model mounts to Truck beds.  

HMC 460 lb size - 20"x45"x51"

HMC 750 lb size - call for details.

Cube Feeder

Crownline Cake Feeder

Sliding door that extends back over cab of pickup

Equipped with completely enclosed 1800 RPM motor for weather protection

6" auger

contains a 6 1/2" viewing tunnel

Different ranges of feed rate by adjusting the auger cover height

10 gauge and 1/4" steel construction

No wiring exposed under feeder

Maximized space for feed 

Sizes available: 

1050lb - 71 1/4 L x 22" W x 43" H

1500lb - 71 1/4 L x 32" W x 43" H

2150lb - 72 1/4 L x 42" W x 43" H


Stull Cube Feeders

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit


It holds up to 200 lbs. of feed and is gravity fed. It is perfect for use with any bunk feeder. A retractable top allows for easy loading and the long handle allows the driver to easily open the feed door and regulate flow. The tapering chute folds up when not in use. 

Mounting kits include all mounting hardware, 2 60" struts, and instructions.  Two strut mounts allow for mounting to any ATV.  Basic kit is also for the following UTVs: Mule, Gator, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, Trek, Chuck Wagon, Club Car & similar type beds.  

Feeder Dimensions 18"x36"x24"

400 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit


This kit includes the 400 Pound Stull Feeder and all mounting hardware for basic UTVs, which includes the feeder, 2-60 inch struts, all mounting hardware and instructions for your basic UTV. The Basic UTV Mounting Kit would be for any UTV that has a metal constructed bed with a lip that bends out or inward like the picture of the John Deere Gator. Basic kit is for the following UTVs: Mule, Gator, Club Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, Trek, Chuck Wagon, Club Car and other similar type beds. 

Feeder Dimensions 30"x40"x24"

600 Pound Stull Feeder with Mounting Kit

200 Pound Stull Cube Feeder with Mounting Kit

600 Pound Stull Feeder with Mounting Kit


This feeder comes with a 3 inch auger, a 12 volt motor that works off the battery of your ATV/UTV/Truck, and a trigger style switch for easy control from your seat. The manual flow regulator inside of the feeder adjusts for different grain types.This feeder has a capacity of holding up to 600 pounds of most grain types. 

This kit includes the 600 Pound Stull Feeder and one of two mounting options.  The first option is mounted to a universal ATV trailer.  The second is a mounting kit for use with UTV and Truck beds. The mounting kits include hardware for UTV/Truck bed installation and instructions.  UTVs might include but not limited to Mule,Gator, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, New Holland, Kioti, Trek, Chuck Wagon, Club Car, Rhino, Ranger. 

Feeder Dimensions 30"x43"x39"