DewEze 600/700 Series Bale Bed

DewEze Bale Arm Bed

Get the best of both worlds!! The 600/700 Series Pivot Squeeze bale arm beds from DewEze is built with the same strength and look as the current DewEze beds. The Pivot bed opens to 110" wide and closes to 34" giving the operator a wide range of motion. 

DewEze is the only bale bed manufacturer offering a full line of parallel and pivot squeeze bale beds. New Swivel Spinner The 600/700 Series Pivot Beds include a new spinner style. This new style of spinner is made for unrolling hay while having the ability to always remain parallel to the bale.  

Installation is available.  Call us today! 

DewEze 660 Series Bale Loader

The Model 660 is a bolt-on application that transforms any flatbed into a round bale loader that can handle two bales with ease. When not in use, the arms fold on to the edges of the bed to form a sideboard. 

  • Loads and carries one or two 5' x 6' bales.
  • Unloads both bales, one at a time.
  • Picks up bales from the end or the side.
  • Optional under the hood electric hydraulics.
  • Loads unto multi-bale carriers.
  • Unrolls whole or a portion of a bale on the ground.
  • When not in use, the arms fold onto the edge of the bed to form sideboards.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Offers a low profile to allow easy gooseneck hook up.

 Installation is available. Call us today!  

DewEze Bale Arm Loader

DewEze Bale Arm Loader

Hydra Bale Bed

Hydra Bale Arm Bed

Feeding is one of the most important daily tasks on nearly every livestock operation. Equipment must perform at full capacity under adverse conditions. Our HydraBed® system equips your 3/4 ton or larger truck for ranch and farm use. The flush-mounted, live-hydraulic powered bale handler is totally integrated into the rugged flatbed. Winter feeding, summer hay hauling, year-round trailer towing and many other lifting, hauling and towing tasks are easily accomplished from the comfort and safety of your truck cab. Fingertip hydraulic controls enable you to haul, transport and/or unroll two large round or square bales weighing up to 3,000 lbs. each. 

Crownline Beds

Crownline Arm Bed

Crownline Spike Bed

Crownline Spike Bed

Crownline Bale Arm Bed

These beds are top-notch made and provide a cost effective alternative to higher priced bale arm beds on the market. Quality and workmanship are top priority and it shows in this product. 


  • Carries two bales
  • Powder coated and painted
  • Steel structural frame
  • 4" frame runner channels
  • Formed 1/4" channel cross members
  • Steel 1/8" diamond plate floor
  • Built in gooseneck ball
  • Internal stake pockets
  • Skirted rear bumper
  • LED lights
  • 7-way receiver plug
  • Corded remote
  • E/H or engine mounted pump

Crownline Spike Bed

Crownline Spike Bed

Crownline Spike Bed

Crownline Bale Spike Bed


  • 4" Frame Runner C Channel
  • LED lights
  • Sealed Harness
  • Powder Coated
  • Steel Tube Heavy Duty Headache Rack
  • 1/8" Diamond Floor Plate
  • Built-in Goose-neck Ball
  • Electric/Hydraulic Motor
  • One Toolbox
  • Grease-able Pivot Bushings
  • Bumper 7-Way Plug

Bramco Spike Bed

Bramco Bale Spike Beds are built to work.  This spike bed is designed to move two bales at once or used in a multitude of other ways.

  • Removable Sides
  • Removable Tines with in-bed storage
  • Two toolboxes with convenient step
  • Lights in headache rack
  • Optional end gate
  • Standard LED lights
  • Receiver Hitch
  • Recessed fuel cap for easy fill
  • Extra toolbox options available

Bramco Bale Spike Bed

Bramco Bale Spike Bed

EZ Loader Bale Spike

Get the best of both worlds!  Move bales and tow a goose-neck with the same truck.  The EZ Loader Bale Spike features completely enclosed hydraulics for longevity and comes with all the electrical it needs.  It's 39" forged round spears easily penetrate the tightest bale then stow inside the unit when not in use.  

EZ Loader Bale Spike
EZ Loader Bale Spike (Installed)